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Know The Initial Symptoms of Cataract To Protect Your Vision

A cataract doesn’t grow overnight. It is the leading cause of vision impairment in adults and older adults. Blurry vision, dull colour perception, and difficulty seeing at night are some of the initial signs one should look for, to detect an initial stage cataract. A visit to the best ophthalmologist can help you identify cataracts early and protect your vision for a lifetime.

Cataracts can develop in an individual due to many reasons. Some of the most common reasons can be their age, previous eye injury, exposure to radiation or UV rays, diabetes, or congenital ones. Also, drinking alcohol and smoking is indirectly related to causing blurry vision and poor eyesight.

As the say goes, “Prevention is better than cure,” we have curated all the symptoms and signs to look for a developing cataract. Clear Vision Clinic has been offering world-class cataract surgery in Santa Cruz for years now. We understand the struggle, challenges, and fear in patients of losing their eyesight. So, quickly check the symptoms, and if you could relate to one, call us immediately so that we can save your vision.

Difficulty seeing distant objects even after using eyeglasses or contact lens is another symptom of cataract. Objects like street signs, house or unable to notice people standing a bit far are some of the initial yet alarming effects of a developing cataract.

  • Straining your eyes to read newspapers, books, or letters written in smaller fonts like one on the medicines is the second biggest symptom of cataract.
  • A developing glare or halos around the lights at night despite wearing your lens. Doctors recommend such people not to drive at night as it may put their life at risk.
  • You may have irritation due to bright light. Dark rooms are much preferable for patients suffering from cataract.
  • Another symptom includes the inability to concentrate on objects in dim light. Reading restaurant menus, books under the lamp, or walking around a room with insufficient lighting can become a daunting task.
  • You may fear using stairs as the blurry vision makes it challenging to measure the depth of the stairs. Patients with a growing cataract may fall or stumble too much as they cannot measure the distance between their feet and the ground.
  • Unable to enjoy your hobbies such as reading, writing, stitching, cooking, or playing games due to blurry vision
  • Aged people find it difficult to concentrate on an object due to cataracts, which also makes it risky for them to walk or cross the road without someone’s help.

The most definitive treatment for cataract is surgery. Although the initial symptoms can get addressed using glasses, polarized lenses, or weak dilating drops, these treatment options may provide a temporary result, until the cataract is removed permanently via surgery. The operation is painless, done under anesthesia, and will merely take one hour to complete it. The patient can return home on the same day and follow the doctor’s guidelines for a speedy and healthy recovery.

Get the best cataract surgery in Santacruz at Clear Vision Clinic. You can call us today to resolve your concerns or book an appointment to meet our doctors for an eye test and diagnosis.