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How To Look For The Best Cataract Surgeon In Mumbai?

If you have a cataract, you must be looking for the best cataract surgeon in Mumbai, right? Fortunately, we have many cataract surgeons with good records of patients reviews. But, still, you must be wondering how to find the best cataract surgeon. Then let us simplify the search process to look for an adept cataract surgeon for your cataract surgery in Mumbai.

# Step 1: Look for the Educational Qualification Of The Cataract Surgeon

Most ophthalmologists and eye surgeons hold basic MBBS and MS degrees. But only a few hold extra qualifications called Fellowships. Fellowships are advanced programs and training that give the doctor the practical experience of doing adept surgeries. These programs enable the ophthalmologist to learn more about different eye diseases and perform correction surgeries.

# Step 2: Note The Details Of Professional Experience

A doctor who has directly started practice with their clinic is not exposed to any experience. However, an eye surgeon who has earned expertise by working with different eye surgeons with wider experience certainly knows the ethics of performing surgery, hence a preferable choice for cataract surgery in Mumbai.

# Step 3: Note Whether The Cataract Surgeon provides a range of IOL lenses

Today, successful cataract surgery depends on two parameters. One is adept surgery, and the other is natural lenses replacement with the best lenses. Make sure the cataract surgeon uses the latest foldable or pre-loaded IOL lenses for surgery longevity.

# Step 4: Check The Latest Technologies Used For Cataract Surgery

Check whether the shortlisted surgeon is proficient in handling the latest surgical equipment for your cataract surgery in Mumbai. You will get to know the details from the official website of the host.

# Step 5
Look For Referrals And Online Reviews

If you’re fine to accept an experienced patient’s review for the best cataract surgeon, then you can check that from the host’s online review. Besides, word-of-mouth(referral) by close friends, relatives, or colleagues who have prior experience of successful cataract surgery in Mumbai, is very well appreciated.

According to research, several road accidents happen due to eye disorders, especially cataracts; most drivers are unaware of having cataracts. Hence, if your doctor advises you to seek cataract surgery, there is no point in delaying it. Instead, visit Clear Vision for a comprehensive eye checkup and cataract surgery In Mumbai.