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 The Facts About Keratoconus You Should Know Before Having Keratoconus Treatment In Mumbai


Keratoconus, a condition affecting the cornea, demands special attention and expertise for effective treatment. In Mumbai, where the incidence of Keratoconus is relatively low, finding a Keratoconus specialist is crucial for those experiencing distorted vision. Clear Vision, as a prominent eye clinic in Mumbai, emphasizes the importance of understanding the facts about Keratoconus before seeking treatment. Here’s what you need to know.

Facts About Keratoconus:

Unknown Cause:

The exact cause of Keratoconus remains unknown, but various factors increase the risk, with a significant role attributed to genetic factors. If you’ve been diagnosed, there’s an increased risk for your family members. Onset commonly occurs in the twenties, and evidence suggests that extensive eye rubbing may contribute to its development.

Few Keratoconus Experts in Mumbai:

Due to the condition’s rarity, there are very few Keratoconus specialists in Mumbai. On average, only three patients reach an eye specialist in a year, potentially leading to misdiagnosis. The incidence of Keratoconus is on the rise, emphasizing the need for expert care.

High Altitude Risks:

For individuals with severe Keratoconus, climbing to high altitudes poses risks such as blurred vision and dry eyes. Patients are advised to carry artificial tears and avoid excessive eye rubbing during such circumstances.

Progression Can Be Stopped:

Contrary to common belief, Keratoconus is not always a progressive condition. With proper treatment, the progression can be halted, and the disease can stabilize after a certain period. Factors contributing to progression include poorly fitted contact lenses and extensive eye rubbing.

Reduce Eye Rubbing:

Controlling the habit of eye rubbing is crucial for managing Keratoconus. Rubbing the eyes can change the corneal shape, resulting in distorted vision. Breaking the cycle of itching and rubbing is essential for maintaining vision clarity.

Contact Lens Care:

Poorly fitted contact lenses and poor hygiene contribute to Keratoconus. Taking good care of contact lenses, ensuring proper fit, and maintaining eye hygiene are essential to prevent allergy reactions and the urge to rub the eyes.

Keratoconus Does Not Cause Blindness:

Despite early fears of blindness due to Keratoconus progression, the disease itself does not lead to blindness. Stabilization is achievable with proper hygiene and controlled eye rubbing. Even in cases where the disease continues to progress, blindness is not an outcome.

Misdiagnosis for Allergy:

Due to the scarcity of Keratoconus experts, the condition may be misdiagnosed as an allergic reaction. Expert ophthalmologists can differentiate between allergy and Keratoconus based on the distinct patterns of eye rubbing.


Understanding these crucial facts about Keratoconus is vital for those considering treatment in Mumbai. Clear Vision, with its specialized care and experienced professionals, is dedicated to providing effective solutions for managing Keratoconus. If you or a loved one is experiencing symptoms, consult with a Keratoconus specialist at Clear Vision for personalized care and expert guidance.