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Unlocking Clarity: Understanding CATARACT SURGERY IN MUMBAI

Have you ever wondered about cataract, the leading cause of blindness globally? A cataract occurs when a clouded, dense area develops in the eye’s lens due to the clumping of proteins, preventing the lens from transmitting signals to the brain. Gradually, this condition can lead to complete vision loss, affecting one or both eyes at different times.


Recognizing the symptoms of cataract is crucial:

– Blurred Vision: A primary indicator of a cataract.

– Night Vision Decline: Difficulty seeing clearly in low light.

– Faded Colors: Colors may appear less vibrant.

– Halo Around Lights: Lights may seem surrounded by halos.

– Double Vision: The affected eye may experience double vision.

– Frequent Changes in Spectacles: The need for new glasses may increase.


Several factors contribute to cataract susceptibility:

– Age: Degeneration of the eye lens over time, accelerated by conditions like diabetes and hypertension.

– Smoking: Smoking leads to oxidation in the eye lens, contributing to degeneration.

– Radiation: UV rays, X-rays, and even heat and electricity can alter the DNA of the lens.

– Genetics: Chromosomal abnormalities and familial history increase the risk.

– Medications: Certain drugs, especially those for schizophrenia, can cause cataracts.

– Trauma: Eye injuries may lead to changes in lens thickness and clouding.


Different types of cataracts exist based on their location and development:

– Cortical Cataracts: Start at the outer edges, gradually moving inward, affecting overall visibility.

– Congenital Cataracts: Genetically transmitted disorders, often occurring in children.

– Nuclear Cataracts: Initially may improve vision, turning yellow or brown over time.

– Posterior Subcapsular Cataracts: Develop from behind the lens, causing disturbances in reading vision and nighttime glares.

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