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Can I Improve My Eyesight Using Home Remedies?

Eyes are the most important organs. It is a source of everything we see, feel, touch, or understand. Due to the lack of a healthy diet, genetic conditions, or accidental trauma, many people suffer from poor eyesight at a very young age. Also, most of the young adults work in front of a laptop or smartphone, which transmits blue rays, causing slow damage to the retinas.

To quit working on laptops and smart devices is not an option these days. On the other hand, too much strain on the eyes, stretch the eye muscles, leading to retinal damage, and eventually cause partial or complete blindness.

Note: In case you are struggling due to blurry vision or witnessed black spots around the vision, immediately visit the best eye specialist in Santa Cruz.

On the bright side, you can make a few diet changes to restore your eye health and prevent loss of vision.

Vitamin A

Deficiency of Vitamin A has been the prime reason why people develop poor eyesight. Some of the best Vitamin A supplements include– Milk, yogurt, and cottage cheese. Other essential supplements are egg yolks, fish oil, and green leafy vegetables.

Vitamin E

Both Vitamin A & E are responsible for strengthening the retinal muscles and maintain healthy eyesight. Any imbalance can start disrupting the vision and can lead to blindness. Vitamin E supplements such as almonds, peanuts, flax seeds, spinach, broccoli, olive oil, and sunflower seeds help restore the deficiency and prevent cataract and loss of vision.

Omega-3 fatty acids

People diagnosed with dry eye syndrome should include more omega-3 fatty acids in their diet chart. Food supplements such as fish, tuna, seeds, peanuts, canola oil, and flaxseed oil contain abundant omega-3 fatty acids. Children suffering from impaired vision and adults diagnosed with macular degeneration can also prevent vision loss by increasing their omega-3 fatty acid intake.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is very crucial for our body. It not just improves our immune system but also protects our eyesight from diseases like cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Food supplements like orange, lemons, guava, papaya, bell peppers, leafy green vegetables, and sprouts contain a rich vitamin C source.


Zinc plays a massive role in producing melanin, a protective pigment present in our eyes. Lack of sufficient zinc in a human body increases the risk of night blindness and colour blindness. Add food products like oysters, whole grains, baked beans, nuts, milk, red meat, and chicken to your diet.

Every individual’s diet requirement is different. Some people can keep themselves fit and healthy by following a vegan diet; there are many people who will need additional supplements and non-vegan food products to meet their body system’s requirements. At Clear Vision, our leading eye specialist in Santa Cruz encourages people to get their eyes checked-up once in every six months to keep the risks at bay. You can book your appointment today or call us to discuss your concerns related to eye disease and improve your vision.