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Here’s How Your Cataract Surgery Process Will Play Out During And After The Pandemic

According to the recent data by the National Programme for Control of Blindness (NPCB), an average of more than 5,50,000 cataract surgeries are performed every month in India. It was also estimated that in the year 2020, among the global population, the cataract conditions will contribute to almost 57.1 million cases of vision impairment and 13.4 million cases of blindness. Various national and international agencies like NCBP are making efforts to reduce these numbers and improve eyesight in Indian senior citizens.

However, the plans to reduce cataract cases were severely disrupted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Several screening programmes and surgical centres across the country had to shut down or reduce their intake until new safety guideline were set. Since no institution had a clear idea about this novel virus, setting appropriate safety guidelines was a long process which backlogged or even cancelled a lot of cataracts surgeries.

No matter which cataract surgeon you visit, without physical checkups and medical history analysis, it is impossible to perform cataract surgeries with optimal safety and accuracy. Hence, as all eye clinics, including our eye hospital in Santacruz, restarted our services, certain mandatory practices have been set in motion which have entirely changed how one would receive his or her cataract surgery during the pandemic.

Here are some of the critical measures you’ll notice when visiting our eye clinic, and you’ll have to work with the staff to upholding them:

  • Firstly, most of the consultations and follow-ups will be performed via online video consultation to reduce patient numbers in the clinic vicinity. The patient’s data will also be shared online.
  • During clinical appointments, all elders (above 60 – 65 years of age) will be treated on priority to reduce the time they spend in the clinic.
  • The consultation and examination process will be changed for minimal physical contact and human-to-object contact. Most information will be collected digitally, why various devices.
  • Surgeries are always performed with utmost care and precautions, but special care will be taken to prevent the generation of aerosols by the patient and the cataract surgeon.

At Clear Vision eye hospital in Santacruz, we are striving to offer all cataract-related treatments as promptly as possible with all the above precautions in place. You can book your online or clinical appointments with our cataract surgeon by visiting our Clean Vision website

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