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Here’s How Your Cornea Transplant Surgery Will Work Out – From Consultation To Postop Recovery

A steep, diluted, and whitened cornea with distorted or cloudy vision are clear signs of severe corneal damage in the eyes which can only be treated by Keratoplasty or cornea transplant surgery. If your doctor thinks your eyes are suffering for a similar problem and has suggested that you visit a good cornea specialist Mumbai or any other place, there’s absolutely no need to panic. Here are two crucial things you need to know at this point: first, cornea transplant is one of the most successful transplant procedures performed today; and second, all you have to do is be substantially aware of what will happen before and after your treatment to avoid unnecessary anxiety.

This article will help you achieve the second goal of your cornea transplant treatment by explaining everything that’ll happen before and after your cornea transplant surgery in detail.

During Your Initial Consultation:                   

Once you visit an eye hospital in Santacruz, Mumbai or the one closest to your place, you’ll meet a cornea specialist who’ll help you in understanding the condition of your eye and what further steps are to be taken.

The specialist will suggest the best suitable type of cornea transplant surgery for your eyes and also explain how that technique will improve your overall eye condition. Through this explanation, you’d know what you can expect during and after the surgery.

First, your physical health will be tested via different evaluations to ensure that you’re body is fit enough to undergo surgery. These evaluations will also include studying your medical history and past surgeries.

The specialist will ask you to disclose all your ongoing medications and suggest an alteration if any of your medicines might hinder the results of this surgery.

As both of you mutually agree upon the surgery, the specialist will decide upon a suitable date for performing it. This date will depend on your convenience as well as the availability of a donor cornea. You may have to wait for some more time if a suitable cornea donor isn’t available at the time.

To be more prudent, check with your medical insurance company if this surgery will be covered along with other medical costs and if any pre-authorization is required.

A Day Before Your Cornea Transplant Surgery:

The specialist you change your diet for at least a day before and after your surgery which you’ll have to follow to avoid any complications.

You won’t be able to drive to and fro the clinic, so make sure to arrange a ride for your self by asking one of your family members or friends.

On The Day OF Your Cornea Transplant Surgery:

Your eyes will be numbed with an anaesthetic, so you won’t feel anything happening to your eye. Your cornea specialist may also sedate you with general anaesthesia to help your body relax during the surgery.

A surgical clamping structure  will be used to keep your eye open, and the entire procedure will be performed under a microscopic device.

The specialist will use the decided surgical technique to operate on your cornea and close it with tiny nylon sutures.

A safety eye patch will be placed over your eye after the procedure, and you’ll be transferred to the monitoring room.

And as cornea transplant is performed as outpatient surgery, your specialist with let you leave the clinic in some time along with some elaborate guidelines for taking care of the treated eye to help it recover in the next few weeks.

After Your Cornea Transplant Surgery:

You’ll have to visit the specialist a day after your surgery to check your eye’s condition and to decide whether or not to remove the sutures immediately.

During further follow-ups, your specialist will help you determine when you can start your routine activities and what precautions are to be taken until full recovery. The most general precautions will include:

  • Timely using the prescribed eyedrops
  • Never pressing or rubbing the treated eye
  • Consuming only the prescribed over-the-counter pain medicine
  • Wearing eyeglasses or an eye shield until full recovery

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