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Want To Get a Cornea Transplant? Here’s How We Can Treat Your Cornea At Our Eye Clinic In Santacruz

A cornea transplant or Keratoplasty is a fairly common surgery and has a high success rate in patients across ages. If your cornea appears to be steep, diluted, and whitened, a cornea transplant will be recommended to improve your vision and prevent further damage to your eyes. Our cornea specialist in Santacruz performs such transplants regularly. If you’re under the impression that cornea transplants might risk your eyesight or are complex procedures, we assure that it is not so.
To give you a quick overview, here is the process of how a cornea transplant procedure is executed at our eye hospital in Santacruz:

While Consulting Our Cornea Specialist:

Once you meet our cornea specialist, he’ll perform a thorough examination, both physical and oral, to understand the condition of your eye and what further steps are to be taken.
After learning all the nuances of your overall health, he will suggest the best suitable type of cornea transplant surgery for your eyes. You’ll know how that technique will improve your overall eye condition.
For your physical health evaluation, the surgeon will study your medical history and the results of any surgeries you’ve had before. This is to ensure that you’re body is fit enough to undergo surgery.
You’ll also discuss your ongoing medications just to ensure that none of them might affect your cornea treatment.

A Few Days Before Your Transplant is Performed:

Just to be safe, we suggest that your check if this surgery will be covered along with other medical costs by your medical insurance company. Some insurance companies require pre-authorization formalities before undergoing this surgery.

You’ll have to follow a special diet for at least a day before and after your surgery just to avoid any food-related complications.
A cornea transplant is a one-day procedure, so you must prudently arrange for your transport and household help well before. This way, you’ll have someone to drive you to and fro our eye clinic in Santacruz and help you in your daily chores until you fully recover.

On The Day OF Your Cornea Transplant Surgery:

Depending on your overall condition, our cornea specialist may decide to numb your eye with a topical anesthetic or give you general anesthesia.
Then, using a surgical clamping structure, your eyes will be positioned in a fixed state and the transplant will be performed under a microscopic device.
Once the transplant is executed, the treated eye will be covered with a safety eye patch, and you’ll be transferred to the monitoring room.
Once your overall vitals stabilize, you’ll be allowed to leave the clinic in some time, along with some detailed guidelines for prompt and healthy recovery.

If you wish to speak with our cornea specialist in Santacruz, Dr. Vinay Agrawal, directly, you can always visit the Clear Vision website, and reach out to him personally. He is widely known to guide his patients until they recover completely from their cornea treatment, which is what makes Clear Vision such a reliable eye clinic in Santacruz.