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How To Prepare For Doctor’s Appointment During The COVID Pandemic?

In the past few months, the novel coronavirus pandemic has changed almost everything – our thought process, our lifestyle, work, and vision towards life. We are all aware that the world won’t function in the same way it had been operating in the past. Our Government is preparing new rules and guidelines for us to resume back to normal. And we all know this “new normal” is what we need for survival now.

Where we are all preparing our wish-list to fulfill once the lockdown ends, many people are stressing over how to meet their doctor for treatment and check-ups post-lockdown? Clear Vision, one of the most renowned clinic to perform top cataract surgery in Santacruz have been receiving many queries in a day where people are asking for guidance on how can they protect themselves while visiting a doctor.

Here are some tips and advice to help people plan and prepare for their doctor’s appointment during this time:

  • Avoid making a surprise visit to a clinic, unless it is an emergency. Schedule your appointment or call your doctor before visiting. This way, your doctor will let you know whether an online consultation or video consultation will solve your problem, or you need to arrive at the clinic for medical/surgical intervention.

  • Stay punctual. Please do not delay your appointment, as it will affect the social distancing norms. Depending on the number of meetings scheduled, the clinic will arrange the waiting room. Arriving late may disrupt the patterns, and you may end up crowding the space.

  • Try to visit the clinic alone. If you can handle yourself alone, try not to bring family or friends to the clinic. Children can be accompanied by one of their parents. Patients who need to undergo cataract surgery or any surgical intervention can bring a plus to the clinic who can pick up and drop them safely home.

  • Avoid bringing unnecessary things to the clinic, such as handbags, files, reports, or plastic essentials. Our best cataract surgeon in Santacruz encourages patients to scan their reports and email them to the clinic in advance. You can also bring a digital copy of the report on your phone for reference purposes.

  • Wear an N95 or three-layered mask at the clinic. Carry a clean handkerchief, scarf, or cloth to cover your mouth while sneezing. Please do not take out the mask and adjust it correctly on your mouth and nose. Expert eye specialists at Clear Vision encourage patients to wear protective eye goggles to prevent yourself from touching or rubbing your eyes too often.

  • You will be provided a hand sanitizer at the entrance of every clinic. Sanitize your hands thoroughly before interacting with any staff personnel or doctors. Many clinics will also record your temperature and ask a few questions before entering the clinic premises. This procedure is for everyone’s good health, and therefore, we should all cooperate with the proceedings.

  • Avoid exchanging seats while waiting for the doctor.

  • Prepare your questions beforehand to make your visit short and quick. This questionnaire is also mandatory for video and online consultation, as it saves both the doctor’s and the patient’s valuable time.

To learn more about our services and availability, you can call us, and we will make sure the best treatment and guidance is provided to our valued patients.