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Top 5 Common Eye Symptoms Which May Be Pointing To A Major Eye Disorder

Ever wondered what your eyes, being the only directly exposed organ, go through every day? They battle infinite irritants and microbes that can cause infectious disorders while maintaining their composure to enable precise visual focus. It is very common to develop an eye problem, so much that eyeglasses and lens come in designs to make a style statement. However, this doesn’t eliminate the possibility of an eye problem worsening and disrupting your life’s routine.

Remember that almost all eye problems start as benign, mild symptoms and keep aggravating until treated by an eye care professional. But first, you must observe these symptoms to know if you need to see an eye specialist. Here are some of the most common eye symptoms that usually point to other major eye disorders:

1. Red Eyes:

Red eyes are the most common symptom among a variety of eye problems. Basically, the sclera of the eye is filled with blood vessels that expand with they get irritated or infected, making it appear bloodshot. Though it is mostly due to lack of sleep, working long hours, or allergic reactions, red eyes could also be a sign of concerning disorders like conjunctivitis, diabetic retinopathy, sun damage, or an unnoticed eye injury.

2. Dry Eyes:

Feeling itchiness or burning sensation in the eyes are signs of development of dry eyes. Again, it is mostly caused due to overworking the eyes or if the eyes aren’t able to make tears to maintain their moisture. You can use special eye drops to deal with it from time to time, but if the problem persists, you may have developed the dry eye disease, which requires more sophisticated treatments.

3. Night blindness:

Night blindness is signified by a lack of clear vision in dark or low light areas, or even when driving at night. Some of us have it as a congenital condition that can be medically fixed. But it is also a common symptom for nearsightedness, cataracts, keratoconus, vitamin A deficiency, or a degenerative retinal disease.

4. Floaters:

If you see floating black spots moving around with your eyes while walking in the sun or looking at a bright screen, you have eye floaters, which are a cause of retinal problems. In severe cases, it might be due to retinal detachment, which requires immediate attention. If you notice a sudden surge in the spots or a shadowy curtain developing in your vision, visit your doctor as soon as possible.

5. Excess Tearing:

If your eyes tear up at odd times without any emotional response, it might be a sign that they are sensitive to bright light, strong wind, or temperature changes. However, if the tears become more persistent, it may be a tear duct problem or an eye infection.

In any of these cases, try to consult a top eye specialist of Santacruz, Mumbai, to ensure the problem is controlled in time. Dr. Vinay Agarwal, eye specialist, at Clear Vision Clinic, is a widely regarded ophthalmologist who provides prompt treatment solutions to all eye conditions. To consult your eye problems with him, visit the Clear Vision website and book your appointment today.

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