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Top Eye Problems and Their Symptoms

One out of three people suffers from some eye problems. Blurred vision, redness, and eye strain due to prolonged screen timing and binge-watching are common issues people experience in large numbers. Therefore, expert Dr. Vinay Agarwal, an eye specialist at Clear Vision, Santa Cruz, encourages people to regularly check their eyes by a professional once in a year.

Regular eye check-up is the safest way to protect your vision and prevent any eye disease. If you are experiencing an initial level of blurriness in your vision, immediately consult with the top eye specialist in Santa Cruz. In this blog, we will discuss some of the common eye problems and their symptoms for early diagnosis.


It mostly happens when you are reading or watching movies for a prolonged period. The eyes feel tired and strain the muscles, which results in tears coming out of the eye. Usually, an eye strain can be addressed using an ice pack or simply taking a nap for half an hour. But, if you are experiencing eye strain very frequently, consider consulting an eye specialist.

2. Redness in the eye

You will witness the surface of your eyes are covered with red blood vessels and irritates your vision. Often the redness feels like an eye infection, which may go away soon. But, it can also be an initial symptom of conjunctivitis (pink eyes). It is wise not to avoid the signs and immediately consult with the doctor. In case the symptoms are that of an allergy or infection, the doctor will prescribe an eye-drop to restore the vision. If he suspects something more significant, the eye specialist may recommend further tests to diagnose the eye condition.

3. Night Blindness

Do you find it difficult to walk or drive on the road at night? Are you unable to focus on the street in dim light? If yes, you may be having an initial stage night blindness. Some people are born with this eye disease, and therefore, they need to be extra careful in areas that don’t have enough light. Lack of vitamin A is the prime reason behind causing night blindness. Talk to your doctor, and he shall address your concerns with the best-suited treatment solutions.

4. Floaters

Do you witness tiny dark spots or specks across the field of your vision? If yes, it may be a growing floater. The floaters are usually normal, but in some cases, it may indicate a developing eye disease such as retinal detachment. It is a condition in which the retina at the back of your eye separates from the layer underneath.

5. Dry eyes

It happens when the eye cannot make a sufficient amount of good-quality tears. You may feel like your eyes are burning, and with time, your vision gets sensitive to bright light. Increase the intake of your nutritional supplements such as omega-3 fatty acid and fish oil. Visit an eye specialist for eye check-up because extreme dryness may lead to complete vision loss.

There are many effective eye treatments available to help restore a patient’s vision. One must pay attention to their changing vision patters and immediately report to a trusted and certified eye specialist. You can also book an online appointment with our eye specialists at Clear Vision Clinic for guidance and consultation.