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7 Tips From Experts To Better Manage Glaucoma During The Pandemic

The Pandemic has wreath havoc on everyone’s life. Not only has the pandemic constrained use in our homes, but it has also put the medical profession under extreme pressure that was not experienced in the past several decades. In this unusual situation, Glaucoma Research Foundation has raised concerns about taking care of glaucoma while staying at home. It is necessary to cut down the regular clinical visits by patients in the clinic to contain the disease as COVID-19 spreads through eye droplet contact.

Doctors are postponing the regular visits of eye patients and addressing only the critical cases and surgeries. On the contrary, glaucoma is an insidious eye disease, which needs to be taken care of. The blog intends to present some tips from our experts on managing glaucoma to prevent its progression while staying at home and minimizing clinical visits.

7 Important Tips For Glaucoma Care During The Pandemic

  • Gauge The Risks and Take Measures 

Glaucoma is an eye disorder affecting the optic nerve. It progresses slowly, and people with hypertension and diabetes are more likely to develop this condition. The same people are also prone to contract the deadly coronavirus. Hence, it is imperative to abide by the instructions and precautions given by the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations.

  • Take Care Of Diet 

The diet plays a vital role in building your body’s immunity to fight the disease and preventing glaucoma progression. One must include proteins, nuts, fish and fish oil, leafy vegetables, vitamin supplements, and a mineral-rich diet in their food intake.

  • Avoid Straining Your Eyes

Recent research emphasizes too much strain on the eyes, usually caused by long-time screen exposure, is very harmful to the eyes. It can cause eye diseases, glaucoma being the most common eye disorder triggered in strained eyes.

  • Do Intermittent Eye Exercises 

Eye exercises increase the blood circulation of optic nerves and relax muscles, rejuvenating them. It is typically advised to do intermittent eye exercises while working on screens in a normal routine. But during the pandemic situation, it is very important to do so regularly because they are very helpful in arresting the progression of glaucoma.

  • Stock The Required Medicines

It is necessary to keep an eye on the availability of medicines you need regularly. Also, know that eye drops usually do not last longer than one month after opening the seal. So take care of both stock and hygiene while glaucoma management at home.

  • Follow Sanitization

Sanitization can help contain the spread of the virus. The eye is a sensitive organ that has maximum chances of contracting the disease. Hence it is necessary to store your medicine stocks in a sanitized place. Wash your hands regularly, sanitize surfaces, sanitizing eye drop bottles, and avoid stepping out of home unnecessarily.

  • Book A Consultation Online!

If any genuine eye problem persists, seek online consultation with an ophthalmologist on video-calling. At Clear Vision, our doctors are available for online consultation and give online prescriptions.

For booking an online consultation for eye disorder or glaucoma treatment in Mumbai, you can call our team or seek an appointment online.