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Learn About Keratoconous, The Mysterious Eye Disease

When your doctor says you have keratoconus, it might be a case that you have it for years without your knowledge. The treatment depends on the progression of this eye disease and the stage in which it is diagnosed. Keratoconus affects the cornea (outermost layer of the eye), causing it to bulge outwards and form a cone-like shape. It makes the cornea thin and weak. An eye specialist can diagnose this progressing eye disease by taking appropriate tests.


For diagnosing keratoconus, the eye specialist may review the family’s medical history. Some tests to diagnose keratoconus include:

Eye Refraction Test

The eye specialist will use special equipment ( retinoscope) to analyze the eye condition and vision-related problems.

Slit Lamp Examination

In this, a vertical ray of light emitting from the slit-lamp flashes onto the eyes. The ophthalmologist evaluates the eye’s surface using a low-powered microscope to study the surface of the cornea. A bulge in the cornea shall indicate a need for further diagnostic tests to infer keratoconus.


This procedure focuses light onto the cornea of the eye for testing the shape of the cornea.

Computerized Corneal Mapping

The computerized corneal mapping test takes images to record corneal topography for obtaining shape-related defects in the cornea.

Understanding Why It Happens

Keratoconus is a progressing eye disease that affects the cornea and causes distorted vision. Though an ophthalmologist can diagnose this, finding out its exact cause is not possible in all cases. It can be hereditary, but not necessary that the offsprings will receive this condition. The doctor may suspect some factors for causing it as :

● Hereditary
● Continuous rubbing due to eye allergy can cause the cornea to rupture.
● People with Down Syndrome are more likely to develop this.
● Overexposure to Ultraviolet rays
● Chronic Eye Irritation
Keratoconus Treatment

The study suggests weakening of corneal tissue and imbalance in enzymes within the cornea leads to this condition. In the mildest form, soft lenses or eyeglasses may help but not helpful in all keratoconus cases. Keratoconus treatment In Mumbai includes:

Corneal Collagen Crosslinking

The process of collagen crosslinking strengthens corneal tissue that becomes fragile. There are two types of crosslinking, epithelium- off linking and epithelial-on method. In the epithelium -off-link, the outer layer of the epithelium is removed. In the latter approach, the epithelium is kept intact. The corneal crosslinking process may significantly reduce the need for a corneal transplant.

Custom Soft Contact Lenses

The soft customized contact lenses may correct mild to moderate keratoconus cases. Since the topography of the cornea bulges out, distorting the shape, the regular contact lenses do not fit the structure. These soft customized contact lenses are bigger in diameter to easily adjust in the cornea of the eye. Thus, helpful in corrective measures.

Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

When the glasses or soft lenses cannot help, the gas permeable contact lenses are usually preferred by keratoconus specialists in Mumbai. The GP lenses vault over the cornea’s irregular, treating the vision problem due to it.

Topography- Guided Conductive Keratoplasty

In this CK procedure, the keratoconus specialist in Mumbai, uses a handheld tool to deliver radio waves’ energy at the cornea’s specific peripheral point for reshaping the eye’s front.

Corneal Transplant

Alternatively, it is also called penetrating keratoplasty. In very advanced keratoplasty cases, when the other treatment is not effective, it is the only viable option.
This progressive eye disease creeps without any significant indication in most cases. So, it is crucial to visit ophthalmologists regularly for early diagnosis and preventive measures. Clear Vision offers an array of eye treatments by the best eye specialists in Santacruz. Our adeptness in technological advancement fosters successful results in most cases. For more information, log into our site.